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Paper History

Paper was first made in Lei-Yang, China by Ts’ai Lun, a Chinese court official. In all likelihood, Ts’ai mixed mulberry bark, hemp and rags with water, mashed it into pulp, pressed out the liquid and hung the thin mat to dry in the sun.

Paper cut art appeared during the Han dynasty in the 4th century AD after the Chinese official, Cai Lun invented paper in 105 AD. The oldest surviving paper cut out is a symmetrical circle from the 6th century Six Dynasties period found in Xinjiang China.

Papercutting is the art of paper designs. Art has evolved uniquely all over the world to adapt to different cultural styles. One traditional distinction most styles share in common is that the designs are cut from a single sheet of paper as opposed to multiple adjoining sheets as in collage.

Kirigami – Craft Of Paper Cutting

Kirigami comes from the Japanese words “kiru” (to cut) and “kami” (paper). Kirigami is also an art of paper cutting, it is actually a craft of paper cutting…. “3D Craft”. It is similar to origami because some folding is involved, but different because the primary method of creating a design is the skillful cutting of the paper.

In the United States, the term kirigami was introduced to paper crafters by Florence Temko in 1962. The practice was de isscribed in detail in her book Kirigami, the Creative Art of Papercutting.

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